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Plumerias are tropical, very hardy, and easy to grow. [mbv name=”plumeria-view”] Related Images:
Foliar Feeding When Dr. Tuckey and his colleagues discovered that plant nutrients could be absorbed through a different part of the plant, besides just the roots, they, in turn, sparked new testing, new practices, and a new debate. Even now, 60 years later, the conversation continues on the effectiveness and
Fertilizer Materials There is a great variety of fertilizer materials. In general, fertilizers fall within two major categories: commercial fertilizer sources and organic sources. While it is difficult to make direct comparisons between these two sources, a few loose comparisons can be made. First, commercial sources are typically high analysis
Soil pH – Why it is important The success of crops always starts with the condition of their soil. One of the most important soil properties to keep tabs on is your soil’s pH levels. What is pH? – pH is a numerical rating of its acidity or alkalinity. All pH
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