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The Plumeria Database has been designed to facilitate the participation of fellow plumeria lovers wanting to document as many of the details about each plumeria and its history. The Plumeria Database is and always will be a work in progress with a perpetual plumeria knowledge base.

Our main focus is to provide detailed information about each plumeria.

  • Detailed descriptions about each plumeria’s characteristics.
  • Photos of each plumeria’s characteristics
  • Typical photos of each plumeria in each region of the world they grow and under different growing conditions.
  • The original name and also know as names.
  • The history associated with each plumeria.
  • The parent(s) and lineage of each plumeria.
  • and Display Collection by growers and individuals who have introduced new plumeria by hybridization. Or those who have found a new cultivar and introduced it to our plumeria community.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us. You may qualify to become a Plumeria Database Contributor. All photos remain the property of the photographer.

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