Plumeria Collections

Collections are galleries organized and presented primarily by growers.

Examples: Moragne Collection, Thornton Collection, Florida Colors Collection, and small growers Norwood Collection, Ford Collection, and Stafford Collection.

The Plumeria Database (pdb) is an ongoing global collaborative effort to produce the most reliable detailed information with photos. To provide a reliable source about plumeria for everyone to go correct information.

If you have information about a Plumeria not in our database, please share it with the world, details,  photos, history, etc. Let’s all do our part to fight against misinformation about plumeria. Details on how you can participate coming soon.
Official Launch January 2022 or sooner.

Reviewing and displaying Detailed Information about Plumeria and Collections from around the World.

Moragne Collection

Plumeria by Bill Moragne

Thornton Collection

Elizabeth Thornton

Florida Colors Collection

Florida Colors Nursery

Jim Little Collection

Jim Little Farms

Jungle Jack Collection

Jungle Jack Collection

Norwood Collection

Tex and Kay Norwood

Stafford Collection

Lake and Eulas Stafford

Ford Collection

Hetty and Bruce Ford

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