Plumeria cv ‘Bill Moragne, Sr.’

P. ‘Bill Moragne, Sr.’ is one of the famous Moragne hybrids produced by the late Mr. William Moragne, Sr. of Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii during the 1950s. After nearly twenty years of experiments, Mr. Moragne performed the first documented cross pollination of Plumeria rubra varieties. The results are some of the most spectacular plumeria cultivars known. This cultivar was selected by The Plumeria Society of America, Inc. from the unnamed Moragne hybrids and named for Mr. Moragne in recognition of his accomplishment. Mr. Moragne was known as Bill by his family and friends thus the cultivar bares his family name.

‘Bill Moragne, Sr’ is noted for its unbeliveably huge clusters of colorful flowers. Some clusters are as large as a basketball and can contain over fifty flowers at once. This cultivar is very rare because it is especially difficult to propagate, if you’re lucky you may get a cutting to grow roots, but it can take over six months.

Petal Shading

  • Top:Pale and grainy Red-Purple 63A on the left becomes an intense stripe on the right. A central (bottom) Yellow 12B takes on an orange appearance away from the center when overlaid by the grainy Red-Purple 63A.
  • Bottom:A stripe of Red-Purple 60D on the left is followed by another pale and grainy on white. The balance of the petal is white, but overlaid with very grainy Red-Purple 60D showing white veins. At the bottom right there is a splash of Yellow 9B.




  • Color: Light Green
  • Texture: Flexible, smooth
  • Leaf Border Color: Red
  • Petiole Color: Green, red tint
  • Shape: Oblanceolate, acuminate tip
  • Length: 32 cm
  • Width: 10.5 cm


  • Pollen Parent: ‘Scott Pratt’
  • Seed Parent: ‘Daisy Wilcox’
  • Deciduous
  • Seed production: Average
  • Branching: Fair
  • Growth habit: Rangy
  • Measured Trunk Circumference: 38 cm

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