Species – Plumeria rubra

This information for Camelot was submitted by Tex Norwood, located in Homestead, Florida, USA. Homestead, Florida, USA is in USDA Zone 10B.

Camelot was grown from seed by Tex Norwood, Its pod parent is Penang Peach. Camelot, was planted in July of 2006. Camelot bloomed for the first time in August of 2009

The seed came from Houston, Texas – Eulas Stafford’s Penang Peach tree (the pod parent) in Houston, Texas – Eulas Stafford. of 2006.of 2009.Known Pod Mate(s) of Camelot: Cadbury

The flower is From 2 1/2″ to 3″ inches in diameter and the color is Rainbow as it appears from about 3 meters away. Camelot has a Mild Spicy fragrance, is a Compact grower with a Medium rate of growth.

The Flower

Photo showing the Front of Camelot Photo showing the Back of Camelot Photo showing a blowup of Camelot’s Throat

Camelot’s Flower is Rated at a 10

The Inflorescence

Camelot’s Inflorescence and blooming is Rated to at a 10

The Leaves

Photo of the Top of Camelot’s leaf Photo of theBottom of Camelot’s leaf

The Leaves are Rated at a 10

The Tree

Photo showing Camelot Typical Branches Photo of Camelot’s overall Tree Structure: Photo showing Camelot Typical Branch Tip

Camelot’s Overall tree structure is rated at a 10


Photos of a typical Camelot’s seed pod Photos of typical Camelot’s Seeds] Photos of typical seeds: 

Seedling Production and Quality Rating 10


Tex and Kay Norwood grew Camelot from seed. The seeds came from Eulas Stafford’s Penang Peach tree in Pasadena, Texas

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