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About Frost and Freeze Damage Freezing is really bad for plumeria, but frost can do some severe damage also. One method we use is to turn the sprinklers on before sunrise and allow them to run until the frost has gone our cars. Frost damage occurs on plumeria leaves, branch
Plumeria Characteristics  Click to start entering a Plumeria This page describes general observations and characteristics of cultivars of genus Plumeria. The plumeria genus is composed of five or more species although nearly all cultivars are considered part of species P. rubra or P. obtusa. We are concerned with the flower,
Plumeria Collections Collections are organized by Growers, Individuals, Registration, Origin, etc. Examples: Moragne Collection, Thornton Collection, Florida Colors Collection, Jungle Jack Collection, Jim Little Collection, and individual growers Norwood Collection, Ford Collection, and Stafford Collection. Our Mission is to create a knowledge base through assimilation, we will take in new
Plumeria Seedlings
Plumeria Seedlings When a seed sprouts, the first set of leaves that unfold are called cotyledons. All the food that’s needed to sustain these first leaves is contained right inside the seed. Once the second set of “true” leaves appear, you should begin foliage or drench feeding your seedlings with
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