Plumeria cv. ‘Katie Moragne’

Katie Moragne – Reg #178

An Impressive 4" flower with intense brick red edged petals contrasted by white radiating with yellow shading from center. Elliptical petals with rounded tip, moderately overlapped; heavy texture; strong sweet fruity scent, great keeping quality. Medium tree, wimpy roots. Huge, lush bloom heads that last. Easy grower, easy rooting and grafts good.


Plumeria rubra cv. ‘Katie Moragne’ is one of the famous Moragne hybrids produced by the late Mr. William Moragne, Sr. of Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii during the 1950s. After nearly twenty years of experiments, Mr. Moragne performed the first documented cross pollination of Plumeria rubra varieties. The results are some of the most spectacular plumeria cultivars known. He named this cultivar for his daughter Katie.



  • Deciduous
  • Branching: Good
  • Growth habit: Medium
  • (photo of seedpod, seeds. mature tree and branching)


  • Pollen Parent: ‘Scott Pratt’
  • Seed Parent: ‘Daisy Wilcox’


  • Seed production: Seldom
  • Rooting: Easy
  • Grafts: Good

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